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Quotes by Eddie Rasnake


To be “renewed in the spirit of your mind” is not a point of enlightenment, but rather a continual process or gaining God’s perspective through meditating on His Word… As the great evangelist D. L. Moody used to say, “The only way to keep a broken vessel full is to keep the faucet running.”


Being “filled with the Spirit” as Paul speaks of in Ephesians 5:18 is not getting more of the Spirit, but yielding every area of our lives to the Spirit’s empowering and direction – having our lives filled with God’s Spirit as opposed to self.


People notice a difference when someone is drunk… Is it difficult for others to tell who has been drinking of the living waters? It shouldn’t be. There ought to be a noticeable difference in our lives from God’s Spirit being in control… People under the influence of the Spirit of God manifest the fruit of that Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23).


Being filled with the Spirit is not an optional accessory to the Christian life. It is the hub of walking consistently with God… To not be “filled” (directed and empowered) with the Spirit is to disobey a direct command of Scripture and is therefore sin.


There is no place in Scripture that indicates we can receive more of the Holy Spirit… The real issue is the release of the already present Spirit to have free reign in our hearts. It isn’t about us getting more of Him, but of Him getting more of us.


If [God] is on the throne of our hearts and in control of our lives – then all our human relationships will be positively affected… Instead of looking to our relationships for what we can take from others, we will begin to see relationships in light of what we can give. Finding our own deepest need met in our relationship with God, we will be free to be used by Him to meet needs in others.


It is not our job to “produce” unity. Unity is “of the Spirit” (Ephesians 4:3).  Unity is automatic when the Spirit is in control of everyone’s lives. Our job is to “preserve” the unity of the Spirit – to do nothing to disrupt the unity He is producing… We must take care of our relationships and be quick to clean up our offenses. We must make right our wrongs so that the unity of the Spirit is not disrupted.


There is a tendency in spiritual circles to think that others (and therefore, God) should be impressed by how much we know. Information equals godliness and spiritual value. We might not say it in those terms, but this terse message is preached loudly by how we live… But (this message in itself is not) affirmed by the Bible. In fact, it is quite the opposite. James tells us that we should prove ourselves doers of the Word and not merely hearers “who delude themselves.” In layman’s terms, knowledge alone deludes us or deceives us into thinking we are spiritual because of how much we know instead of how we live.


The idea of staying close to one’s “first love” (Revelation 2:5) is referring to one’s devotion, not emotion. It is saying, “Let Christ be preeminent once again; do not let service take His place”… If we allow working for the Lord to take the place of walking with Him, there will be consequences… When you think about it, ministry really isn’t what we do for the Lord. It is what He does through us as we walk with Him.


When I submit to the leaders God places over me, I do so not in trust of them, but in trust of God who placed them. My trust is not that they will always make the right decisions, but rather, that God is able to work in their hearts and in my life even in their mistakes. The bottom line of submission on every level is not “Can I trust this leader,” but “Can I trust God to work in, through, and in spite of this leader?”


Nowhere does the Bible call the [Christian] faith a leap – it calls it a walk. Think about it. What is a walk? It is a lot of little steps in the same direction. It is a journey taken one step at a time.


Imagine a symphony where every instrument kept hitting exactly the same note in exactly the same way. You could describe it in one word – BORING! No, a beautiful symphony is not music in unison, but music in unity – notes that blend together to make something they couldn’t make separately. This is what God wants the body of Christ to be like, and it all begins with relationship.


What you do when you spend time with God is not nearly so important as that you spend time with God. Spiritual growth is not the result of a dramatic experience, but a lot of small steps. You cannot be changed by one experience into spiritual maturity any more than you can become a full-grown adult by eating one meal… Think of spending time with God as one meal in the whole plan of your spiritual nutrition. If you are doing something that isn’t satisfying your spiritual hunger, then change your diet. But whatever you do – don’t give up eating.