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Quotes by Derek Prime


Principles of Prayer:

1. We must be in fellowship with God: Reconciled to God through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

2. We must be obedient to God: By putting away sin, by maintaining right relationships with others, and by striving to abide in Christ.

3. We must depend upon the Lord Jesus Christ and His work on our behalf: We pray in His name.

4. We must exercise faith: Believing prayer has the assurance that we may receive beyond all our asking.

5. We must be ready for action, for faith and works go together: Having prayed, we must be the instruments on occasions by means of which God answers our prayers.

6. We must honestly desire God’s will to be done and His name to be glorified.

7. We must pray with sincerity: God has no time for hypocrites who make a lot of show without reality in their hearts, but He promises to be near those who call upon Him in truth.


Christians who neglect corporate prayer are like soldiers who leave their front-line comrades in the lurch.