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Quotes by Clement


Prayer is keeping company with God.


Why is it that you harbor strife, bad temper, dissention, schism, and quarreling? Do we not have one God, one Christ, one Spirit of grace which was poured out on us?… Your schism has led many astray; it has made many despair; it has made many doubt; and it has distressed us all. Yet it goes on!… It is disgraceful, exceedingly disgraceful, and unworthy of your Christian upbringing, to have it reported that because of one or two individuals the solid and ancient Corinthian church is in revolt against its presbyters… The result is that the Lord’s name is being blasphemed because of your stupidity, and you are exposing yourselves to danger.


But the greater [a person] appears to be; the more humble he ought to be, and the more ready to seek the common good in preference to his own.