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Quotes by Cheryl Ford


God warned Lot’s wife of the impending disaster. He tried to rescue her from His judgment. He even set her on the way to salvation, shepherding her to safety. But the bent of her heart was even more powerful than the grasp of the angels leading her by the hand. She gave proof that she had never taken God seriously when she would not sever her heart-ties with Sodom. She came as close to deliverance without receiving it as was possible. Looking to the past she destroyed her future. Having received the grace of God in vain, she passed the point of no return. Not even the fire and brimstone falling around her could heal her divided heart… We might feel inclined to ask why Lot’s wife paid such a price for her error. Oh, but she sinned grievously against the Lord. Not only did she lack the pioneering pilgrim spirit required of those who leave their former lives for a better city, but she was in love with the sinful world… What she left behind and still held in her heart obviously was very dear to her, dearer than the treasures of God.


Oh what can be done with an old heart like mine?  Soften it up with Your oil and wine.  This song by Keith Green goes on to explain that the oil represents God’s Holy Spirit and the wine His blood…To prevent out hearts from hardening, we must stay surrendered to Jesus Christ.  Such victory will require drawing near to Him, spending time with Him, abiding in Him, receiving His “oil and wine.”  Then, and only then, can we experience the love of God melting the hardness of our stubborn hearts.  This is the only way to make it in this heart-hardening, soul-destroying world.


Mary’s act of pouring it on Christ’s feet was an act of utter humility. It was an extreme act of worship from an undivided heart. Holding nothing back, as if pouring forth her very soul, Mary poured it all out, an entire pint of it. She said nothing. No words would have sufficed to express her feelings.


Mary’s bottle contained perfumed oil- pure nard imported from India’s Himalayan Mountains.  It was of highest quality and therefore very expensive.  She had probably kept it as a family treasure, her most precious possession.  Its value approximately the annual wages of a common laborer- a lifetime’s savings!  But when it came to Jesus, Mary never even counted the cost.  Her love was as pure as her precious ointment.  Love like this gives everything and only regrets it has not more to give.