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Quotes by Charles Bridges


But what is this fear of the Lord? It is that affectionate reverence, by which the child of God bends himself humbly and carefully to his Father’s law.


Far better that [children] should cry under healthful correction, than that parents should afterwards cry under the bitter fruit to themselves and children, of neglected discipline.


Is it not a solemn thought, that the eye of God marks all our common dealings of life, either as an abomination or a delight?


To labor in the dark, without an assured commission, greatly obscures the warrant of faith in the Divine engagements; and the Minister, unable to avail himself of heavenly support, feels his “hands hang down, and his knees feeble” in his work. On the other hand, the confidence that he is acting in obedience to the call of God — that he is in His work, and in His way — nerves him in the midst of all difficulty, and under a sense of his responsible obligations, with almighty strength.


The fool talks forever about nothing, not because he is full, but because he is empty, not for instruction, but for the pure love of talking.


To have God’s countenance not only turned from us, but turned against us, His eternal frown instead of His smile – this will be hell instead of heaven.


The proud person is Satan’s throne, and the idle man his pillow.


Is it asked, “What will most effectually turn my eyes from vanity?” Not the seclusion of contemplative retirement. Not the relinquishment of our lawful connection with the world [“in the world, but not of the world”!]. [It is rather] the transcendent beauty of Jesus unveiled to our eyes, and fixing our hearts.

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