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Quotes by Bill Shannon


It’s easier to avoid temptation then to resist it.


The process of lust is simple.  It begins with attraction, it turns quickly to dissatisfaction with your current situation – you become dissatisfied with your spouse or with the one that you are supposedly in love with – it moves to fixation on another and you become ungrateful, discontented, and obsessive.  You become filled with lust, and your thoughts and your mind are filled with images of the other person.  You have nothing on your mind but an appetite for them.  This person becomes on object of worship.  They eventually are not even considered a person, because they’re an object, and you’re just looking for satisfaction.  Gentlemen, this is classic idolatry!


The output in your life is in direct proportion to the intake of Scripture truth.


Sex is from God. He gave it to us as a gift. It’s a wedding gift.