What are the signs of disrespect to your parents and other adults?

1. Knowingly disobeying.

2. Making fun of them.

3. Not speaking when they greet you.

4. Making threatening statements, rude or hurtful remarks.

5. Yelling for them to come to you when it not an emergency.

6. Grumbling about decisions they make.

7. Being ungrateful for something they do for you or give you.

8. Complaining about what they have given you to eat.

9. Talking back.

10. Objecting, mocking, correcting, questioning, or giving unasked-for explanations are all signs of disrespect.

11. Speaking in an irreverent way or in anger.

12. Saying to your parents or an adult, “I’ll do it in a minute” or “just wait.”

13. Pushing for something after being told “no.”

14. Treating a discipline lightly.

15. Not listening when you are being spoken to.

16. Entering into a closed room of an adult without knocking or quietly asking.

17. Sighing, shrugging the shoulders, or giving a sour look when told to do something.