Expository Preaching:

1. Emulates biblical preaching both in content and style.

2. Best achieves the biblical intent of preaching: delivering God’s message.

3. Promotes scripturally authoritative preaching.

4. Magnifies God’s Word.

5. Provides a storehouse of preaching material.

6. Develops the pastor as a man of God’s Word.

7. Ensures the highest level of biblical knowledge for the flock

8. Leads to thinking and living biblically.

9. Encourages both depth and comprehensiveness.

10. Forces treatment of hard-to-interpret texts.

11. Allows for handling broad theological themes.

12. Keeps preachers away from ruts and hobbyhorses.

13. Prevents the insertion of human ideas.

14. Guards against misinterpretation of the biblical text.

15. Imitates the preaching of Christ and the apostles.

16. Brings out the best in the expositor.