1. Somewhere between 400% and 800% of suicide rates increase in women who have had abortions.
  2. Hypochondria, depression, withdrawal, guilt, shame, drugs, alcohol dependency, serious emotional trauma – all of these come from abortions.
  3. Six to seven times more women die each year from legal than illegal abortions.
  4. The risk of pregnancy outside the womb which threatens the mother’s life is doubled for women who have had one abortion, and quadrupled where there have been two or more.
  5. Miscarriages are almost twice as common for women who have aborted. A study of 26,000 births indicated a more than threefold increase in the number of stillborn babies and deaths of newborns among mothers who have had an abortion.
  6. Since about two or three women per hundred needs a blood transfusion, there is an increased risk of exposure to hepatitis and AIDS.
  7. Bleeding is more common in subsequent wanted pregnancies.
  8. Many researchers have observed subsequent premature births and low birth weights.
  9. Among women who have had abortions there is an increased risk of damage to the cervix.
  10. There is up to a 30% greater risk of pelvic infection.