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If we are to cultivate habits of private prayer and devotion that will weather the storms and remain constant in crisis, our objective must be something larger and greater than our personal preoccupations and longing for self-fulfillment.


Future worry is overwhelming. There’s a reason. We don’t have grace today for tomorrow. One of Satan’s simplest tricks and most effective devices is to draw our attention to things we can do nothing about. There’s nothing worse than a crisis that can’t be fixed. If our hours are spent with thoughts of tomorrow’s problems, which are not accessible today and which we know we cannot touch with today’s resources, we are doomed to worry. And worry wears us out… [Yet] our calling is today. It’s not that we don’t think of tomorrow, but it must consistently be filed under “future grace.” The tide of confidence in God’s sufficiency must wash out worry. In fact, it’s a command. “Do not be anxious for tomorrow.” To go there is to disobey a directive from the One who holds every moment in His hand.


It is a dangerous crisis when a proud heart meets with flattering lips.


Circumstances in which loneliness may be experienced. May feel lonely when:
1. Guilt causes you to feel separated from God – Ps. 25:16, from other men – Gen. 27:1-29; 32:24; 33:1-17.
2. You feel rejected, abandoned, deserted by others – Jn. 16:32; 2 Tim. 4:16, 17.
1. You are voluntarily or forcefully removed from safe, secure environment.
2. You experience the “let down” after a spiritual victory – I Kings 19:10, 14.
3. Previous successes or popularity have subsided.
4. You have suffered a defeat.
5. You are too busy chasing “success” to relate to others.
6. You are “burned out” after having tried to achieve by self-effort – Jn. 8:29.
7. You are separated from the group by leadership responsibilities, “lonely at the top” – Num. 11:14, 17; Deut. 1:9, 12; Matt 26:38-40.
8. You have suffered the loss of a loved one by death or divorce.
9. You are fearful and timid – I Jn. 4:18.
10. You feel inferior, unworthy, self-condemnation, insecure.
11. You are physically removed or separated from those you know and love.
12. Others reject or ostracize you for being different, or for nonconformity.
13. You fail to resolve conflict and misunderstanding; estrangement.
14. You fail to communicate; avoidance; repression; stuff emotions.
15. You have chosen to “stand alone” against world, sin, religion – Jer. 15:17.
16. Others are not enthused about your interests or project.
17. You don’t take the time to enjoy others and have fun together.
18. You have been prejudged, stereotyped, pegged, put in a box.
19. Your particular talents and abilities and personality are not appreciated.
20. You don’t fit in – economically, intellectually, politically, religiously, etc.
21. You don’t feel connected, bonded, able to relate – emotionally, spiritually.
22. Friends only relate on superficial level; won’t get serious and real.
23. You have been excluded from a particular social grouping.
24. You feel like an outsider, the “odd man out.”
25. Your present responsibilities (parenting, vocation, etc.) preclude or diminish the development of relationships.
26. You retire from your vocation and no longer relate to colleagues daily.
27. Another person is regarded as your “life,” and they can’t meet all your needs.
28. You do not feel a sense of oneness, unity and intimacy with your mate.
29. You have refused to receive the love and intimacy of your mate – SoS. 5:3-6.
30. You have been betrayed by a mate or a friend – Gen. 3:12.
31. You alienate others by your verbosity, accusations, insensitive comments.
32. You alienate others by using them in competitive or economic success.
33. You alienate others by criticism, negativism, sarcasm, pessimism, hostility, cruelty.
34. You alienate others by your selfishness, egotism, or spiritual pride.
35. You make work, projects, things, possessions more important than people.
36. You feel you cannot perform up to expectations.
37. Others are too preoccupied with their concerns to relate with you.
38. Crisis arises and no one offers to listen or assist.
39. You feel left behind by a fast-paced technological society.
40. Children grow up, go to school, leave home.
41. Isolated due to injury; secluded or ignored due to age (Ps. 71:9, 18).


I know of nothing which so stimulates my faith in my Heavenly Father as to look back and reflect on His faithfulness to me in every crisis and every chilling circumstance of life. Over and over He has proved His care and concern for my welfare.  gain and again I have been conscious of the Good Shepherd’s guidance through dark days and deep valleys.


Despite its foundational Christian heritage, America is rapidly degenerating into a godless society. The church in America, although highly visible and active, appears powerless to redirect the rushing secular currents. Mired in a moral and spiritual crisis, America’s only hope is a national revival, like God has graciously bestowed in the past.


No evangelism that omits the message of repentance can properly be called the gospel, for sinners cannot come to Jesus Christ apart from a radical change of heart, mind, and will. That demands a spiritual crisis leading to a complete turnaround and ultimately a wholesale transformation. It is the only kind of conversion Scripture recognizes.


Some of the things we can do to oppose abortion are:
1. Realize the urgency of the situation – each year over one and one-half million unborn babies are aborted. Over 5000 every day.
2. Realize that God’s judgment rests on a nation that allows or condones murder, unless it truly repents. Numbers 35:33 warns: “So shall you not pollute the land and no expiation can be made for the land for the blood that is shed on it except by the blood of him who shed it.”
3. Communicate to elected officials and legislators that God has His moral standards that we must honor, and that one of those standards condemns abortion.
4. Educate and organize your Christian friends to stand unashamedly for the sanctity of human life in their own communities and before their state legislators.
5. Establish and get involved with a local chapter of the Christian Action Council.
6. Keep yourself informed by subscribing to one of several good pro-life newsletters, such as Action Line (Christian Action Council), A.L.L. (American Life Lobby), etc.
7. Involve yourself in crisis pregnancy ministries in your local church, ministering to women with unwanted pregnancies.
8. Check with local Christian adoption agencies for the possibility of adopting an otherwise unwanted infant.
9. Consider taking unwed pregnant women into your home.
10. Teach your children about marital sexuality, the sanctity of human life, and the joy and beauty of pre-marital chastity.
11. Check with your Ob-Gyn and find out if he does abortions. If he does, drop him, and encourage other Christians to do the same.
12. Have funerals for children who die before birth.
13. Identify the Planned Parenthood Federation as an accomplice in this holocaust.
14. Write letters to editors of newspapers and elected officials about the holocaust. Push for pro-life legislation in your state legislature. Send petitions to your representatives.
15. Get involved in a sidewalk counseling program.
16. Leave denominations which are either pro-abortion, or which are not actively pro-life.
17. Pray Psalm 58 against abortionists.
18. Find out where political candidates stand on the issue of abortion.
19. Evangelize!! Evangelize!! Evangelize!!


Leadership in the church should always be shared – that is one reason that the apostolic pattern was to appoint a plurality of elders rather than a solitary elder in all the churches (Acts 14:23). But leaders too need to recognize one of their number as leader. This is an inbuilt principle of life, and we should not despise it. Husband and wife are equal, but leadership naturally rests with the husband. Children are equal in a family, but the oldest is looked to first when a crisis occurs. In some situations there may be one elder or spiritual leader who is actually called “the pastor,” who will be expected to lead his fellow leaders; and in others there will be a team ministry. But in every team there has to be a leader (Derek Prime and Alistair Begg).


God is calling…all Christians to expose the dark and fruitless work of abortion:
1. To expose the fact that there are 1.5 million abortions in America every year – 27 million since the Supreme Court overturned the public conscience of 48 states 19 years ago.
2. To expose the fact that 30% of all babies conceived in America are killed by abortion.
3. To expose the fact that medically women are told not to have abortions before the seventh week of pregnancy (see the Yes/Neon booklet), and yet by the eighth week the heart of the baby has been beating for a month, there are measurable brain waves, there is response to touch, there’s thumb-sucking, grasping with the hands, swimming with the arms in the amniotic fluid, distinct arms and legs and sexual organs. This much must—not may, must—be present before most abortion centers will cut the baby to pieces with a suction machine 4,000 times a day.
4. To expose the fact that 9,000 babies were killed after the 21st week of pregnancy in 1987, fully formed and on the brink of being able to breathe for themselves – killed, legally!
5. To expose the fact that in Minnesota we have a fetal homicide law that makes it “murder to kill an embryo or fetus intentionally, except in cases of abortion” – in other words, it’s unlawful to kill the unborn child unless the mother chooses to have it killed. And that is a strange and dark criterion for lawful killing.
6. To expose the fact that “There is inescapable schizophrenia in aborting a perfectly normal 22 week fetus while at the same hospital, performing intra-uterine surgery on its cousin” (Steve Calvin).
7. To expose the fact that viability outside the womb is not a criterion of personhood and right to life, because we ourselves don’t want to give up our personhood and our right to life if we must be sustained on a respirator or dialysis machine the way a baby has to be sustained by a placenta.
8. To expose the fact that the size and reasoning power of a tiny person is irrelevant to human personhood because if it were, we might allow tiny and unthinking newborns to be killed.
9. To expose the fact that genetically human embryos and fetuses are utterly different from all other animal life; if they are just left alone, with nothing added but nourishment, they will grow up.
10. To expose the fact that if it is unlawful to crush the egg of a bald eagle, it is not excessively restrictive to make it unlawful to crush the egg of a human.
11. To expose the fact that when two legitimate rights conflict – the right not to be pregnant and the right not to be killed – justice demands that we give place to the greater right, the right that does the least harm – the one that does not willfully kill.
12. To expose the fact that there are thousands of crisis pregnancy centers in this country ready to help, and almost all of them are free – unlike the abortion mills that charge plenty of money – and the older the baby, the more they charge.
13. To expose the fact that there are no unwanted babies in Minnesota. Mary Ann Kuharsky (President of ProLife Minnesota) said in the Tribune she would take any baby whose life depended on it, and there are hundreds like her.
14. To expose the fact that it is hypocritical to speak as though choice were the untouchable absolute in this matter and then turn around and oppose choice in matters of gun-control and welfare support and affirmative action and minimum wage and dozens of other issues where so-called pro-choice people join the demand that people’s choices be limited to protect others. It’s a sham argument. All choices are limited by life.
15. To expose the fact that trespassing to save life is not a crime and that it does not undermine our legal system, but on the contrary endorses the one foundation stone without which that legal system in this land will fall, namely, the inalienable right to life. There will be no law but the law of individual choice (=anarchy) if the foundation stone of life’s value is destroyed. And abortion is destroying it.


Ways to be actively involved in the solution:

1. Consider adoption.

2. Be a regular giver of your money to Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

3. Volunteer in a Crisis Pregnancy Center.

4. Be involved in spreading truth with good literature.

5. Make your presence know at the abortion clinics in town (by) writing or phoning or visiting and talking, if you can, with those who work there.

6. Dream a new kind of ministry.

7. Pray!


But how do we get [wisdom]? There are several basic prerequisites.

1. Admit our need. Solomon said, “With the humble is wisdom” (Proverbs 11:2). The humble are those who do not think more highly of themselves than they should. They are willing to admit that they do not have all the answers, that their opinions may not always be right, and that they need to know the mind of God. In other words, they have a teachable spirit.

2. Fear the Lord. The Psalmist said, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” (Psalm 111:10). To fear God is not to cower before Him in terror, but to bow before Him in awe, respect, and total trust in His purposes for our lives.

3. Study God’s Word. By loving God’s Word and meditating on it daily, the Psalmist discovered that he was wiser than his enemies, that he had more insight than his teachers, and more understanding than the aged (Psalm 119:97-100).

4. Pray. “But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all men generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him” (James 1:5). Sometimes praying for wisdom is the last thing we think to do when we face a knotty problem, a difficult decision, a pressing emergency, or an alarming crisis. The Lord is standing ready to give us His wisdom and we often think about everything we can do to work out the problem except talking to Him about it.


The fall of man has created a perpetual crisis. It will last until sin has been put down and Christ reigns over a redeemed and restored world. Until that time the earth remains a disaster area and its inhabitants live in a state of extraordinary emergency. To me it has always been difficult to understand those evangelical Christians who insist upon living in the crisis as if no crisis existed. They say they serve the Lord, but they divide their days so as to leave plenty of time to play and loaf and enjoy the pleasures of the world as well. They are at ease while the world burns.


Character can never be summoned in a moment of crisis, if it has been squandered through years of compromise and rationalization.


In giving us the privilege of fasting as well as praying, God has added a powerful weapon to our spiritual armory. In her folly and ignorance the Church has largely looked upon it as obsolete. She has thrown it down in some dark corner to rust, and there it has lain forgotten for centuries. An hour of impending crisis for the Church and the world demands its recovery.